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JAMB CAPS Admission Status Checker 2020 (Accept Or Reject)

Jamb Starts giving Admission on Jamb Caps Portal. Learn how toCheck Admission Status on Jamb Caps, Accept or Reject Admission Offer in Market Place for Jamb Utme And Direct Entry.

To Check Jamb Caps Admission Status, Simply Visit Caps Portal at and locate CAPS Menu, enter your Jamb Profile username and password and proceed to Check Jamb Caps. Continue reading for Step by Step guide to check Jamb Caps Admission.

How To Check Admission Status on Jamb Caps Portal

1. Visit

2. Locate CAPS (Candidates) E-facility Menu

3. Log in with your Jamb email and password

4. Click on Access my CAPS

5. Go to Admission profile

6. View your Admission Status

7. Accept or Reject Admission

8. Done.

Don’t accept admission yet if you don’t like the school or course. If you are checking with your phone and it shows Welcome Page, Simply, Request Desktop Version. In the desktop version, Check Admission Status on the sidebar. 

How To Accept Admission On Jamb Caps

After your Admission profile, Jamb Reg, Institution, Course and UTME Subject combination, you will see Admission Status. Under CONGRATULATIONS YOU HAVE BEEN OFFERED ADMISSIONAccept and Reject button will appear.

To accept your admission on Jamb caps portal, simply click on the accept button. You will see something like, “ says, Are you sure you want to accept this admission offer? Then click on okay. You have successfully accepted your admission on Jamb Caps.

Confirm If You Accepted Caps Admission

Confirming whether you have accepted admission on Jamb caps portal or mistakenly clicked on reject is simple. After accepting the admission, the Reject Admission button will be blank. You can no longer click on the link. Accept admission link will still be clickable. Under the accept admission button, you will see Record(s) Successfully updated!

Another way confirm if you have accepted 2020 admission status on Jamb Caps or mistakenly rejected the admission offer is to text STATUS 2020 to 55019. To confirm 2021 admission on Jamb Caps portal, simply send STATUS 2021 to 55019. 

How To Reject Admission on Jamb Caps

To Reject your admission on caps portal, simply click on the Reject button. You will be asked, “are you sure you want to reject the admission? Reject the admission if you are not okay with the school and course you are offered admission to study.

Confirming whether you have rejected admission on Jamb caps or mistakenly clicked on accept is simple. After rejecting the admission status, the Accept button will be blank. You can no longer click on the link. Reject admission link will still be clickable. Under the reject admission button, you will see Record(s) Successfully updated!

Another way confirm if you have rejected 2020 admission status on Jamb Caps or mistakenly rejected the admission offer is to text STATUS 2020 to 55019. To confirm whether you Rejected 2019 admission on Jamb Caps portal, send STATUS 2019 to 55019. You will get feedback on whether you rejected the admission.

Invalid e-Mail Address or Password

When you visit, you will see a box to enter your email and password and then login. If you get the error, Invalid e-Mail Address or Password, Try Again then it means something is wrong. It is either your email was not entered correctly or the password you entered is wrong.

Passwords are case sensitive, when it comes to password, boy is different from Boy. The first is all small letters while the later starts with a capital letter.

Keyboard issue may also lead to this. If your keyboard is bad, you may think you’re entering the correct password but meanwhile, you are entering the wrong thing.

If you are sure of the email and password you entered plus the fact that your phone or laptop keyboard is working very well, but the issue persists, then you have to reset the password.

How To Reset Password To Login To Caps

Forgot your password?
Click  here  to reset your password.

On the Jamb Caps Login Screen, you will see Click here to reset your password. Enter your email and date of birth and then click on Get Password link via Email. Now, open your email and follow the link sent from Jamb to reset your Jamb password.

Some times, it returns the Jamb e-facility Error handle as shown below:

We are sorry
The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed,
or had processing error or is temporarily unavailable

If you are having the error above after trying it for three different days, then your best bet is to visit any Jamb office or approved Jamb CBT Centre for 2019/2020 to reset your password and be able to access your Caps and Jamb profile once again.

Why Jamb Caps Says Welcome

Many candidates complain that Jamb cap is not Displaying. We can not debate the fact that Phones have taken over laptops when it comes to browsing. However, there are certain things you can not see when you are viewing a mobile version of a website. A good example is when you are checking admission status on Jamb caps portal.

After Caps Login, many candidates are stuck at the welcome page without a button to click. This makes many of them run to cyber cafes when they can check admission status on their phone. This is where Desktop version comes in. The desktop version will help your phone display sites the way it would appear in Laptops/Desktops.

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