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“High-Speed Computers” versus “Covid-19

“High-Speed ​​Computers” versus “Covid-19 

Governments are turning to high-speed computers, which are 1000 times more powerful than standard computers, which will accelerate the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.   

And supercomputers can do maths 2.8 times faster than their closest competitor, the American SUMMIT. 

According to the global ranking of "Top500", which tracks the development of processing power in computers for more than two decades, the Japanese super computer "Fugaku" is the fastest and most modern supercomputer in the world, and it was used to combat the Covid-19 pandemic by simulating how the virus drops spread in Office space and trains. 

Experts hope that these computers will help develop effective treatment by next year. 

The United States government is working with industry and academic leaders, such as NASA, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and IBM, to form a Covid-19 anti-high-performance computing coalition to employ the world's most powerful computing resources to support Covid-19 virus research. 

It is noteworthy that, so far, 40 Covid-19 anti-coalition coalition has worked on 66 existing projects. 

NASA had previously announced its readiness to provide its expertise in supercomputing to help in the global struggle against Covid-19, as researchers working on projects related to Corona would be able to apply to use supercomputers for a certain period, which would accelerate the necessary calculations To slow down the pandemic.  

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