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Top Twitter Accounts Hacked, Millions of Dollars Stollen

Hack Top Twitter Accounts, Collect Million in Dollars

Twitter is currently under fire after a group of hackers hacked into the network's accountrame, and posted through some top, verified accounts.

These hackers tweeted to the general public from these top accounts asking for money and promising to double it.

Some top twitter accounts that have been hacked include:

- Obama

- Kanye West

- Jeff Bezos (Amazon)

- Floyd Mayweather

- Whiz Khalifa

- Apple

- Bill Gate

- Elon Musk

- Among Others

The hackers we're able to get people to send in money by promising to double whatever they sent as a way of giving back to the society and since these accounts are of popular people, it was easy to believe it.

In one of the tweets, the hacker posted:

" You asked us to give back and now we have complied. We are going to be doubling any amount you send to this cryptocurrency account. This offer is open for 30 minutes only.

He then posted the bitcoin wallet address and lots of people started sending in money, thinking they were sent to Bill Gates, Whiz Kalifa, and others.

Twitter has since responded by locking all verified accounts so the hackers won't have access to post scam anymore. They are also working on tracing the person behind the scam and have come up with one person's name and his address, which they shared with the general public.

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