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Introduction To eSIM Technology That May Soon Replace Normal SIM Cards.

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In this article I am going to be introducing to you eSIm, that is likely to replace the Normal SIM cards in the nearest future. It is highly possible that we may not be needing a physical SIM anymore.

Introduction to eSIM

eSIM is a smaller embedded integrated circuit card.


eSIM measurement is just 5mm in length and 5mm in width.


It is soldered into a device motherboard by the Manufacturers. When you buy a phone that has the eSIM technology embedded in it, the owner of the phone can just select his or her preferred operator by just going to the phone settings and selecting the network and plan and like magic you will be connected instantly.

Basically the eSIM is a type of SIM card that is the smaller version of the normal sim card that can be removed. Phone Manufacturers are always looking for innovative ways to make phone less bulky which enables to have a beautiful design. The eSIM is going to minimize or do away with the space that is occupied by normal SIM cards.

It wasn't long ago that manufacturers introduced the use of Nano SIM cards and it is now the largely used type of SIM card, but it is now looking like even that would be replaced very soon by the eSIM.

As the years go by the world of technology gets more innovative and interesting, notwithstanding I don't think the use of the eSIM will happen suddenly because most people still use phones that has the Nano SIM slot. But a time is coming when you will not need a physical card in other to use your mobile phones.

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