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Seeing back Pictures Of Ancient And Modern Technology.

Today we see so many technologies and great inventions done everyday of our life's and we feel happy having all this technologies around us because it makes things more easy for us, but most of this technologies have been created years back by the old Inventor, and has also been improved

By the Modern inventor, the Modern inventors looked into the old way of design and improved more on new designs they discovered, making today's technology more fast and reliable, though the ancient technology was really hard and stressful to operate most of them, especially for does people that Owns computer business, back then it took most computer operator hours before they can write up a full page book, but thanks for today's computer that seems more faster and easy to operate.

Here are some of the Ancient and Modern technology.

1: phone :

Ancient Cell phone. This phones mostly used in ancient days as call station.

Modern phone mostly used by today's generation.

2: Car:

ancient car

Ancient car which are mostly used by important people.

Modern car which are more faster and reliable.

3: Television :

ancient television

Modern television :

4: Aeroplane :

Ancient plane:

Modern plane:

5: Bicycle:

ancient bicycle:

Modern bicycle:

6: Sewing machine:

ancient Sewing machine :

Modern sewing machine

7: Clock:

ancient clock

Modern clock

8: Computer :

ancient computer

Modern computer

9: Shoe:

ancient shoes

Modern shoes

As you can see this new generation are really enjoying the new part of life, rather than the ancient times. please do like share and comment on this.

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Ancient Car Inventor Pictures Of Ancient And Modern Technology


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