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4 ways you can protect your bank account from being hacked by internet fraudsters.

With the continuous rise in technology and the use of the internet comes with it's adverse effects. Internet fraudsters also known as Yahoo Boys have maximised this medium to hack people's bank accounts and swiddle them of their hard earned money. Many have fallen victim of terrible act and so there is need for many to be enlightened on the many you can protect your bank accounts from being hacked by this so called Yahoo Boys.

In this article, I will outline some ways you protect your bank account.

1. Avoid using easy and guessable password in your bank accounts.

Some people who for the sake of easy remembrance choose very easy passwords as their bank codes. For example, some choose 1234 as their transfer code making it very easy and possible for anyone to easily guess their password. To prevent this from happening, you should use very difficult passwords that have both symbols and aphabets.

2. Avoid saving your personal information as contact on your phone.

Some people save personal informations like their transfer pin, BVN, Facebook password or email password on their phones as contacts. Making it very easy for anyone who gets hold of you phone to have easy access to your bank account.

3. Do not disclose your personal information through massages, calls or emails. This is a very old strategy though it is still in use. Some people receive calls from unknown numbers requesting that they release their BVN, date of birth, or ATM card number with the pretense that the caller wants to fix some problems in their bank accounts and when this is done you will notice that within a short period of time, big amount of money will be taken from such account.

4. Avoid clicking on any website you see especially job websites. Some of these websites are encrypted to extort personal information about the applicants. If you are the type that likes clicking on any available site you come across then it is advised that you turn on your firewall browser functionality on your chrome or any other browser you make use of as it will stop your browser from releasing your personal information without your knowledge.



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