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How to hide Apps on Hios Launcher

Many People Wants To have their Privacy,But Seems Not to,So I Found a Way to hide applications On HiOs Launcher.There are Two Ways in which You can hide Apps on HiOs launcher,And Am here To teach you that.

1.Swipe Up With two Fingers On the Home Screen

-After Swiping Up the Hide apps Desktop Will Show Directly.

If you don't want to Swipe up,There is an Alternative.The Alternative is Long press the Empty Space on the Home Screen.

After You have Long Press the Empty Space On the Home,You Will See an icon named Desktop Settings,Then You click On it

After Clicking On it,Check the Options,The first Option is the Hide app then click on it.

How to Add A password

After The hide App Option Has Showed,In order To have A full Privacy you need to input A password.I will teach you that Also.

After The hide App option Has shown You Will see a Settings In the Top right Corner of The hide Apps,Then You click on it.After You click on it You Will See an Option

After You Click on it then You Will Set A password.

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