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Stop paying to do logos, learn how to do it yourself

Am sure as a student you must have been bored as a result of this whole covid-19 issue,you can now say bye to boredom as I expose you to how to do your own logo and make income that's if you wish to take it to a new level..


1) An android phone

2) Data

3) Go to your playstore and download the application Pixellab,this is where all the magic you see on people WhatsApp adverts happens.

So its with this app that you can design what you wish to, ranging form logo/adverts and co.

This is a simple version for people instead of the Photoshop on labtop with this thing are a bit easier,to learn about how to start to design yourself you need to go YouTube watch videos on how to do your own logo.

You can search for " how to design with Pixellab"

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