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How far your cell phone should be from you while sleeping

In the world we live in today, cell phone use is becoming increasingly important. It is such an important thing that we do not run out of it 24 hours a day. We don’t turn it off during the day, and when we go to bed, we put it around. But such a habit can harm health.

Want to know, it's harmful to sleep next to a cell phone? The answer to this question can be found in this article.

If you, like billions of other people, sleep, putting your mobile phone next to the bed, it can be the cause of many problems for your health. The radiation produced by smartphones is indeed dangerous, and avoidance is recommended for several reasons.

This rule applies to any time during the day, and in those hours when we sleep, the location of the cell phone next to us can lead to nightmares, insomnia, waking up during the night, and the like. Why is this happening? Electromagnetic radiation causes changes in the system of certain self-regulatory processes, such as biorhythms or heart rhythms.

The World Health Organization claims that electronic devices in general (and not just cell phones ) are harmful to the body and can increase the risk of cancer.

The results of a study in Australia showed that there is an important relationship between the use of smartphones and infertility, as well as a decrease in sperm quality in men. Representatives of both male and female articles found an increase in stress levels.

Although the mobile phone has an alarm clock that we usually use, it should still be turned off overnight as it always communicates with the main stations through radio waves, even when we are not using it. Thus, phones constantly emit electromagnetic waves into the environment. And putting this device next to your head during sleep means exposing your body to the danger of being exposed to these harmful waves.

How and where should you leave your mobile phone when you sleep?

There are two ways: first, turn it off and leave it in its usual place, but use a second alarm clock. The second method is not excluded, but put it in a remote room, for example, in the kitchen or living room. Such an alternative is less desirable.

If you feel the need to be in touch because you may need to be able to communicate with someone at least turn off the internet or Wi-Fi connections which is even more dangerous than radio waves. Experts recommend that the cell phone be at least smaller than the meter from the body during sleep. You can drop it on the couch or a chair.

In addition, it should be remembered that it is impossible to put your mobile phone under the pillow when it is charged. This can cause an explosion. Most pillows are made of a material that glows very quickly, and this is a great danger to a person when sleeping.

Also, placing our cell phones next to us while we sleep can increase the level of anxiety, and therefore we wake up in the middle of the night to check email or go to social networks. Such changes in behavior and habits cause stress, insomnia, poor concentration, mental problems, decreased productivity, nightmares, headaches.

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