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The Best Simple Way You Can Secure Your Phone When Moving On The Street At Night.

Many people phone or wallets has been stolen from them unknown to them by the street boy's.

A young man came up with an idea by locking his phone with his trousers buckle.

He further explain that, if you lock your phone with your trousers buckle and those guys moving aimlessly on a Street try to remove your phone from your Puckett, it will be harder for them and you will know that something is going on.

Also when moving at night do not put your phone, money, wallets and any useful materials in your back Puckett, because it is easier for them to take those things from back Puckett unknown to you than front Puckett.

More advise for those that normally move around in the night, when ever you are moving on the street and you see two or three people standing, one of them will hand check you without living your hand. Then the other person will hold your second hand, then you don't have any power to display again than to surrender all you have to them. Please be wise 🙏

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