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How to make millions by setting up a mobile shot code

Many people has been generating millions of naira by setting up a Mobile shot code. The shot code business is a very lucrative one. Because of the huge number of mobile users in Nigeria and globally.

According to recent statistics, there are over 172million Mobile phone users, and currently processing over 10million naira worth of SMS on a daily basis. Imaging if you can process at least one percent of that figure.

In this article we will be telling you everything you need to no about shot code,and most importantly how you can set up one and monetise it for yourself.

First,what is a GSM shot code? A GSM shot code is a premium 5 digit number that you can send a text massage to and get an auto reply. This number can be in form of 33811,33810 etc.

This 5digit number has a special billing system unlike when you send a text massage to an mtn,glo,9mobile,eltel lines that you are charge 4 naira. A shot code number can have a 30 naira tariff, 50 naira tariff or 100 naira tariff.

When you respond to a shot code number like that, the tariff with which that shot code were set up will be deducted from your credit and the amount deducted will be shared between the owner of the shot code and the respective mobile operators.

That means, if for instance mtn user reply to a shot code that is 50naira tariff, the 50naira will be shared between the owner of the shot code and mtn.

Shot code is designed to bill mobile phone users according to the tariff you choose while setting it up. But the success of the shot code is directly dependant on your creativity to put out programs with mass appeal. That is to say, you have to be creative enough to apply the shot code to something that will get a huge number of people that will respond to your shot code number.

There are two types of shot code: Dedicated shot code and Shared shot code. Dedicated shot code are mostly used by big brands. That is, they own the shot code exclusively, anybody can send massage to to the shot code and it will get to them.

Shared shot code is more affordable and popular. In shared shot code you need a key word that will link you and that code. The key word, in most cases will be a team that is related to your program. For example, if you want to do job alerts programs, your key word will be 'Job Alerts'.

When you are promoting a shared shot code, you tell people that for them to get an update on job vacancies,they should type job alert space their name space any other information you want,to your shot code number.

Remember, the different between a shared shot code and a dedicated shot code is, for a shared shot code, people must type in the key word first before any other information and send it to the shot code number. But in dedicated shot code they send it directly to the shot code without any key word.

So,if you want to set up a shot code, you can log in to Google and type shot code providers. Then you can start your own shot code.

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