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Have you ever wondered why the sky is white and blue: here are the reasons.

Find out more things about Earth's atmosphere and reasons why the sky is white and blue.... Have you ever wondered why it's so? Never mind because you are going to know the reason today..

Now we are talking about the atmosphere, the sky is white and blue because of the things present in the cloud the things that make the sky white and blue is Oxygen and Nitrogen..

Scientist all over the world thinks the sky was orange colour about 3.7 billion years ago..

Sunlight reaches out to the Earth's atmosphere and is scattered in all the directions of the Earth ( sky ) by all the gases and particles in the air, blue is scattered more than other colours because it travels in short and smaller wavelength's. This is the main reason why the sky is blue most of the time the sky interchanges it's colour from Blue to white.

Now you guys know the reason why the sky is always blue...

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