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Lady ordered for iPhone 11 pro at #230k, it was delivered, but she was given this instead (video)

A lady has complained bitterly online after she ordered for an iPhone 11 pro for #230,000. Normally the phone coat around #650,000.

A lady has recorded a video on how she was scammed of an iPhone she ordered online. According to the lady she said the phone sent to her has a playstore on it. She said she got the phone for #230,000 online.

In the video,she said she's going to return it and she'll collect her money, or else,the whole Nigeria would hear about it.

We just don't know who is trying to scam who? We all know that an iPhone is a very expensive one. And ordering for it online again is something dangerous. For the lady to believe that an iPhone can go for such price isn't wise enough. Not a fairly used one but a new phone.

It's why ordering something online is not too safe but the lady ordering for a phone which is not even half of the original price isn't too wise.

Watch the video here.

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