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Do You Have Tecno Camon 11 and 12 Phone, See How To Remove Your Sim and Memory Card Without Using pin

Do You Own a Tekno Camon 11 and 12 Phone,See Another Way To Remove Your Sim and Memory Card Without Using Pin

Life indeed is a stage, you will agree with me that there was a time, when you only uses letter writing to convey messages. But now, the new technology has made everything easy for us. We call someone for information at anytime any day with our different phones.

The development actually came in stages,this is because there was a time, the only phone, we knew about was just normal Nokia phones, but a time came other models started coming on board too.

And the good thing is that we can use them for any thing in the world now. And this has been helpful. Though, it has caused more harm than good to a lot of people.

Then, there is one important aspect of one of all this new model phones, that we can't just use our hand to remove the sim cards or the memory cards as well.

All this, was just new to phone system. But let us say that your phone pin has lost or that where you are, your pin is not there with you. don't panic. Just search for ear ring that has pin mouth, point it as the pin to where the sim card is positioned or where the memory card is positioned too, and you will see it working wonders, have you thought of that before? Just give it a try, and watch them come amount. Immediately you do that, the sim card or memory card shows out for you to make changes on them immediately.

You can also use needle, this is because it also has pin mouth. For instance yesterday, I was stranded and I needed to fix up my sim card that I removed from my phone, because that is the line that my opay account was linked with.

I thought of what to do, because I was not with my phone pin, and I needs it to be fixed so that my opera salary can be paid in my opay account. So a thought just came to me, saying, remove your ear ring and use it to remove your sim card. So I did that and it actually worked for me without stress.

So guys, you can buy as many ear rings for your baby sister or your girl friend, so that they can help you out, by giving it to you when ever you are in need of it. All better still buy one and keep for your self.

So with this now, you have learnt that you can remove your sim cards and your memory cards with needle, Ear Ring. Not only with the phone pins, there are other alternative as well.

Have you ever been stranded before while trying to remove your, sim card or memory card without the phone pin? What do you remove your sim cards or memory cards with before now?

Tell us your own contributions let us know how you were able to handle it.

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