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"This Is Not A Show Of Love But Scam" See How People Reacted After Seeing This Picture On Facebook

It's of no doubt that the Facebook which is sometimes called the blue platform because of its background's colour. Facebook which is owned by famous billionaire Mark Zuckerberg for more than a decade has been a platform where people convey and get vital information. We won't deny the fact that this blue platform created by Mark Zuckerberg has helped us on countless occasions when we are bored, by providing informative, intriguing and educative stories for us to read and share our thoughts. Some people also met the love of their life on the blue platform after series of conversation and I personally feel that which all these benefits I have enumerated, the blue platform is more of an advantage than a disadvantage to the society.

Today, as I was scrolling through my Facebook news feed in search of interesting, controversial and educative stories, I came across a post which was shared by a user who goes with the name Uchenna Eriamah in a group named "Igbo Rant Hq", a group which was created to entertain people with interesting stories of all kinds when they are bored. The post shared by Uchenna is a picture of a guy whom I presumed to be a Nigerian, proposing to a woman who is old enough to be his grandma; what this guy was pictured doing with this old woman has raised so many reactions from Facebook users. Some faction of people are of the belief that the guy wasn't doing this for the sake of love but rather he was only interested on the financial benefit attached to the relationship.

Here is the post shared below;

From the picture you see above, you could see the excitement on the woman face, perhaps she has longed for such moments or have been waiting for someone to tell her how much she is loved. The guy didn't just professed his love for her; he went as far as giving her an engagement ring.

However, the post has got so many people reacting and sharing their thoughts about what he did. So many people opined that it wasn't a show of love but rather a scam and that he was only hustling to enrich his pocket.

See reactions below;

I know some people would say that what this guy feel for her is genuine love and that there is nothing wrong with him falling in love with someone old enough to be his grandma because they feel that age is just a number and that love is blind. Let's not forget that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so feel free to air your view with respect to the picture you just saw.

Do you think the guy genuinely love her or he is only after the financial benefits attached to the relationship?

Can you love someone who is old enough to be your grandma?

Do you believe that age is just a number in a relationship?

Do you believe that love is blind?

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