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How To Create A Messenger Group

How To Create A Messenger Group

 We may always want to have connected with friends ,but in this article there is a way we can create a Messenger chat group without stress

1)Go to your Google Play store , download and install Facebook messenger ,after launching the app continue with your Facebook account by logging in to messanger 

2)Try to search for a friend or saying hi or hello to one of your friends then click on the profile name ,you will see features like customise emoji, report a problem, create group with him,block user . Click on create group with him, after this method Facebook will bring a list of suggested friends to add but you will need to add other people , because the suggested people may leave.So you will add them by searching their name,from this article and screenshot for steps to create a messenger group you can now communicate with families, relatives and friends together,after this you may want to customise your group by adding a profile photo to it , just tap on the group name,it will bring change group name,or add profile photo to group

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