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Do You Know You Can Chat On Whatsapp With Your Laptop? See How To Do This And Other Whatsapp Feature

Whatsapp is one of the most popular social media used by people. I know you too, you are using Whatsapp. Sometimes a link, file or document maybe sent to you put due to memory space you don't want to download it on your phone. On a second thought, you may say, "okay, let me download it and later transfer it to my system, then delete it on my phone for space". Yes this may be what you are doing but I want to teach you an easy way to chat comfortably on your laptop and other Whatsapp features you may have not have known about. Keep reading for Whatsapp interesting features.

How to on Whatsapp with Your PC; A step by step guide.

1. Switch on your system, go to your browser and type in 'Whatsapp web'

2. Click on the first search result

3. It will load and open to this below, showing you a QR code to scan.

4. Go to Whatsapp on your phone, click on the three dots by the top right.

5. Click on the 'WhatsApp web'

6. Click on the plus sign (+) by the top right hand.

7. A camera pops up, scan the QR code on your system and you are good to go. You can now start chatting.

See How To Send Message To Large Number Of People At Once.

Somehow, Whatsapp has come to restrict the number of people you send message to at once to only five people. This can be discouraging as you have to be going back and forth to send message like a 'happy new month message'. Good news, there is a way to go about it painstakingly. Read on as I guide you through it.

1. Go to your Whatsapp, click on the menu button

2. Click on New broadcast

3. Search and select contacts you want to send message to.

Note: you can only send to 256 persons at a time.

4. Type and send your message. The recipients won't know that the message was sent to other people too.

How To Put Styles In Your Text Without Downloading Special Font.

Do you want to put styles or highlight your text in Whatsapp but you don't know how to go around it? Worry no more, see how you can do it.

1. To make your text bold: insert asterisk at the beginning and ending of the text. Eg; *how are you doing*

It comes out like this:

2. To italics your text: insert hyphen (_) at the beginning and ending of the text. Eg; _How are you_

It comes out this way:

3. To strike through your text; insert (~) at the beginning and ending of the text. Eg ~how are you doing ~

4. To make your text monospaced, insert three colon (```) at the beginning and ending of the text. Eg; ```how are you doing ```

Make A Group Whatsapp Call.

Whatsapp has created a new feature where you can make a group call with your friends just like the old conference call. This is how to do it.

1. Go to your Whatsapp and click on the call section.

2. Click on the plus sign(+) button by the bottom right hand

3. Click on the New group call

4. Search and select contacts you want to make group call with.

5. Yes you are good to go, enjoy your call with your friends.

These are some of the amazing features WhatsApp has, watch my space for even more.

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Thank you.

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