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5 historical events that would break the internet if they happen again (opinion)

1. Mao zedong jokingly offers to give American 10 million Chinese women in 1973:

Chairman mao was somewhat chummy with henry kissinger, the national security adviser to president Richard Nixon at that time.

Near the end of the cold war, while he was chatting with kissinger about possible trade agreement he brought the idea that china could give the US 10 million citizens as gift.

Neither man took it serious, even obama national security adviser was laughing about the proposition.

2. The straw hat Riot of 1922:

At the end of each summer during the early 20th century, generally around September 15 men would swap their straw panama hats for more distinguished hats.

If you didn't switch you will be ridiculed. In 1922, people finally revolted against the fashion policy.

Riots broke out for days and thousand of people fought over the right to wear the hat they choose.

3. A dust cloud in the sixth century plunges Europe into a 18 month long winter:

People freak out when there's a foot of snow on the ground, so imagine how people would react if the dust cloud swept through today.

Archaeological records indicate that the storm caused temperatures to drop for a period of 12 to 18 months, creating frosty summer and harsh winter.

Also a volcanic eruption created a dust veil, it was utter catastrophe nearly a third of Europe population got wiped out especially in northern regions.

4. Ronald Reagan release a spoken word against socialized medicine :

Audiophiles may remember the 10 mintues recording that Regan, then a private citizen release 20 years before he became president.

He warns listeners of the dangers that the federal government could pose to American personal freedom if it took over the health care system.

5. Pole sitting gave kids in the 1920s a way to reach new heights:

It nearly a century before David Blaine stood on top of a 100 foot pole for 35 hours in New York Bryant park. Kids would construct seat on top of the poles and challenge their friends to see who could stay up there the longest.

Some could stay up to two days on top of the pole while others didn't last for long.

Unfortunately, it was ended due to the start of the Great Depression.

If all this happened in the past, think of how it will be in our society today. Pls do comment and share to others.

Content created and supplied by: Emmajeff (via Opera News )

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