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You need to know these terminologies in tech - Part 1

Don't forget that you need to stay healthy in order to achieve whatever you desire.

As a student or someone that want to be technologically inclined, you need to know about some important terms that you would or may need later in the future and always remember that no knowledge is a waste.

Below are some terminologies used in tech that you might not know.

1. Closed circuit television: A television system that shows images or pictures to a limited number of television screens.

2. Computer language: The words and symbols used in computer programs that tell the computer how to perform certain processes.

3. Computer graphics: The pictures or images that can be made on a computer.

4. Computer aided design: The processes if using plans and drawings displayed on a computer screen to develop vehicles, buildings, etc. It is sometimes shortened to CAD

5. CMD- Command prompt, you should know this as it is on most computers but can't easily work on android phones or iphones.

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