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How to get free Internet with Wire and a Plug.

To get to the internet can cause money because one has to first buy an airtime and then buy a data bundle or even subscribe. But with this gadget hack you should be able to access the internet for free. But after doing this, if it doesn't work you can take out your Sim card or if do not want to remove it, you can simply deactivate it. So in order to get the appropriate result you have to follow the instructions below very carefully.

1. Get a pen and rap a coated wire around it then bring it out.

2. Cut it with a plier like in the picture below.

3. Use a cutter to peel it.

4. Use a lighter and heat it like in the picture below.

5. Do the same procedure to make a double.

6. Get a plug and divide it then heat it till it has a swell.

7. Heat the wire and the plug together separately.

8. Get a USB cable and cut it.

9. Remove the screws a little and put the red and blue wire under each of the screws.

10. After you are done, it should look like in the picture above.

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