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What to do with your old ATM card.(secure)

What to do with your old ATM card.(secure)

 Due to the hacks, which are happening now, I will run a lecture on the basics of  E- security, again.

There has been lots of complaints from lots of Nigerians, recently on EFCC desk, on how thier bank accounts has being hacked and all thier savings flushed out by hackers.

You need to protect your accounts, by getting to know some hidden truths in E- security. It will help you a lot, so you don't become a victim of E-banking fraud. ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.

many people suffer for lack of knowledge. The mere exegesis of higher/advanced knowledge does not leave you at an advantage, if you cant understand them and apply them in your lives.

It becomes hard to comprehend when the instructor does not have ultrance to break down or translate technical terms in a way that will cause the hearers to understand the concepts and easily apply it in thier lives. I will begin with your old card ATM card. How some Hackers use it.

Two people informed me recently about how thier accounts were hacked. At different times. That is why I had to take up this orientation. Before another one happens to someone else. The first one you need to know is debt card disposal.

You need to masticate your old expired debt card(ATM card) before you trow it away in the waste bin. Use scissors to cut it into pieces, or burn it in an incinerator.

because, there is something called card number, its long, Its most times the same with the new card bank gives to you. So, its still in a way, connected to your account. The work of some truck pushers is to search every waste bin in cities, looking for old expired card. They gather them in large quantities and sell them to fraudulent computer science graduates 

These unemployed graduates use a banking computer software called miner to extract what they need, from the card. And one by one, they use it to flush people accounts.

I would have taken you through a step by step process, of how they do it. But, I believe you have gotten the main point. This is one of the reasons why you see some boys, in some Facebook groups asking for expired bank ATM card. They know what they do with it, yet the owner, ignorantly sold it to him. Old /expired ATMs are still alive. Dispose them in an intelligent manner.

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