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July 17: All you need to know about World Emojis Day

World emojis day is an unofficial holiday always celebrated on 17th July of every year. It's so surprising to see different kind of days being celebrated like World Eye day, World Health day, World social media day. Everything is always celebrated.

Emojis are smileys or graphic symbols used to convey an idea, language or concept. Emojis represent objects, facial expressions, activities, place, weather, animals, person etc.

Shigetaka Kurita was the man who invented emoji in 1999. The celebration of the World emojis day started in 2014 by Jeremy Burge, the founder of Emojipedia. July 17 was chosen as the day for celebration because it was the date displayed on the calendar emoji.

Most people make use of this emojis on social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram and other platforms but are not aware the World emojis day is in existence. As at March 2020, there are 3,304 emojis in the Unicode standard.

Dear readers, just comment with your favourite emoji to mark the World emojis day celebration

Stay safe

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