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Fiction: “How I got a free iPhone from a guy trying to ‘toast’ my friend” Try not to laugh

Shey him do bad thing?

A nice guy has been begging a pretty Christian sister to be his girlfriend for the past three months, while she’s been begging another to go to the beach with her as a friend — a friend who’s artwork she loved so much. 

Since she didn’t agree to date the nice guy that’s been bothering her, he then asked if they could be just friends; and she agreed. 

“Just friends abi” she asked, and he said “yes just friends. And for agreeing to be my friend, I’m giving you my iPhone and the AirPod. I’m getting another one this weekend.”

“Really?” She asked. “Just because I’ve agreed to be your friend. Thanks anyway. I don’t need your phone” she replied. 

Because he was so happy that she’d accepted his friendship offer, he quickly wiped the phone, removed his sim and places it in her purse after service and zoomed off. 

She stood there looking at the clean iPhone and smiled. “What’s wrong with this guy sef” she asked herself. 

Since she’s got a good smartphone, she took the phone home and gave it to the guy she’s been asking to visit the beach with her. 

Her friend was so happy and he agreed to take her to a special beach In lekki.  

On Sunday, after service, she asked her friend to take her a nice photo and he brought out his ‘awoof’ iPhone and began to shoot cool photos of her. 

The guy who’s been bothering her walked up to her and asked what the other guy was doing with the phone he’s given her and she answered, “I gave it to my friend since he’s got no good phone”. 

He became very angry but tried to conceal it with a smile as her friend was busy sharing pics with her. When he was through. She said, “meet bro Stanley. He’s the guy that gave me the iPhone I gave you”

“Wow. Nice meeting you. And thanks for the phone — I really love it and it’s AirPod” her friend said as he smiled. “Ermm, please I don’t know if you’ve still got the charger” her friend asked. 

Hearing this infuriated the guy, but he was just there smiling — and dying in silence. 

“The charger? Yes I still have it. I’ll drop it with her next sunday” he replied. “Thanks bro. Please can I use your hotspot to download some apps? I haven’t subscribed...” 

And the smiling ‘lover boys’ eyes were burning red as he said “ok. Put on your WiFi...”

Me I just dey laugh inside cos my friend had told me about the guy she’s not interested in; and now he’s trying to please her — and me. 

So, shey the thing wey her friend do na bad thing?

Content created and supplied by: Ridingsolo (via Opera News )

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