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12 Best Free Plugins For Every Blogger

Unknown To Many

So you've purchased domain and hosting, what next? Plugins...Ok, I'm kidding 😁

After purchasing a domain and hosting it with a hosting company, the next step is to step up your website.

As a first timer, things can get so confusing. It is easy to get overwhelmed due to the complexity of things - trust me, I've been there.

Things will be much more easier if you have someone to put you through, if you're having problem regarding WordPress or cpanel, I high recommend watching self-help YouTube video, they helped me a lot. Or contact a friend for help.

To make setting up your site much easier and perform better, check out the WordPress plugin on this list.

1. Wordfence

This plugin protect you from hacker who might want to highjack your site. It wards off external aggression and inform you of every malicious attempt about to take place on your website.

2. On-Page And Post Page SEO

This plugin scores your writeup as you're typing them. It also gives practical instruction on how to get better score on your write-ups. 

It will help you rank better on Google. If you're able to have most of your write-ups cross the 81% landmark, you'll have greater chances of driving more traffic to your site from google search.

3. Broken Link Checker

Just as it sounds, Broken Link Checker checks if every link on your website is valid, it helps you detect if a link has been broken on your site. When a broken link is discovered, I provides you fast route to change it within having to go find the link in posts yourself.

4. Inline Tweet

If you want your content to go viral on Twitter, Inline Tweet can help you achieve that aim. Inline tweet makes it possible for you to highlight a killer point and share to Twitter. When you properly Inline Tweet drive amazing amount of traffic to your website.

5. Visitor Traffic

Visitor analytic shows you the number of people visiting your site on daily basis, it gives weekly, monthly and overall visit report. It also show you the country those visitors reside, the type of device your visitors are using to locate your site, where they found your website, the content most people see and number of those that saw it.

6. Mailchimp For WordPress

 MCWP helps you collect mails and remind your visit of new posts, products and latest development on your website.


SMTP helps you get your mails directly into their inbox rather than junk folder(spam). Most mail companies transfer multiples mails sent at the same time into spam, believing they are unsolicited for. 

People are likely to read your mails when it land in their inbox.

8. Email Subscribers

Email Subscribers is a easy-to-use plugin that helps you categorize people on your mailing list. It informs you about mails sent, if they are open or not, and their open rate.

9. Smush

Smush plugin compresses pictures on your site, making it load faster. If your website loads fast, I'll be easy for google to crawl your site among others when determine whose content to show first to people.

10. Social Media And Share Icon

This plugin perform similar task to Inline Tweet but on a different level, it helps you include sharing icons of various social platforms on your contents, giving people easy navigation when they want to share your content with friends.

11. RankMath SEO

Rank math SEO, improves your Search Engine Optimization performance and helps your website perform better on Google ranking.

12. Jetpack

Slightly Similar to Visitor Traffic plugin, Jetpack give your daily detailed stats and report of visitors on your website.

Install the plugins mentioned above and see you site performance improve on a whole new level.

What plugins are you currently using? And what's your experience? Have you tried anything these plugins? How well are you coping with handling your WordPress site?

State your response in the comment section.

Content created and supplied by: Ope_writes (via Opera News )

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