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See reactions as man gives reasons on Facebook why relationships are now "harder" to manage.

A man has taken to his Facebook page to give his reasons why relationships These days are now difficult. In a post, he said, "Relationships are harder now because conversations becomes texting, arguments becomes phone calls and feelings becomes status updates."

In this present time when gadgets and the internet have become the main source of communication between the youths, he definitely has a point. Most people are now afraid to face others in reality because they're so addicted to the thoughts of virtual feelings that showing them real life can be scary. There many many reactions to this post.

A man had this to say, "True talk. We don't express our disgust directly again, we instead drop them as status updates, hoping for, if you know you know, with the person that the status update is directed to."

Another Facebook user had this to say, "We choose to texts. Call mostly when there's an argument or anger that needs to be hammered. I think this affects me in some way, so much that when we see, it becomes hard for us to converse as normal people all because we've talked about everything while chatting and most times the fun of being together physically is lost."

A lady on Facebook has this to say too, "Partially, but it's not because of it going digital, it's because we don't really have time for each other, most of what we do is for people out there, on insta, facebook etc."

While this lady tried to exornorate herself from it all by saying, "Am not on this table at all, I love doing my things face to face, while doing through phone, there are some certain things we won't take cognizance of like facial expressions, body languages and tonality of the voice, those are very crucial and that's why I love mine face to face no matter the distance."

Below are screenshots of other people's reactions. What so you think? Is he right?

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