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Seven English words with no other names in Nigeria Languages

Nigeria is a very big country when we talk of tribes and languages, in Nigeria we even have the edited version of English that we call pidgen, or in some other part of Lagos where it's called broken English 😁.

The list of this English words I will list with there meaning now I believe they don't have any other words for it in Nigeria even with the top tribes language in Nigeria which is HAUSA IGBO YORUBA

1: REMOTE a remote control device.

"universal remotes which let you operate all your audio/video components from one handset"

2: BLUETOOTH a standard for the short-range wireless interconnection of mobile phones, computers, and other electronic devices.

3: BULB a light bulb.

4: TRAIN a series of connected railway carriages or wagons moved by a locomotive or by integral motors.

"a freight train"




There are lots of genius people in Nigeria if you're one of them and you have other words for this words above in your language drop it in comment box


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