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Mompha Said Mark Zuckerberg Motivated Him - See Zuckerberg Success Rules.

Mompha Said Mark Zuckerberg Motivated Him - See Zuckerberg Success Rules.

Mark Elliot Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg was born on May 14, 1984. He is an American internet entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is known as the founder of Facebook,Inc the CEO and controlling shareholder. He is also the co-founders of solar sail spacecraft development project called Breakthrough Star shot.

Mompha Ismaila

Ismaila Mustapha was born in June 16, 1979. He is known as Mompha. He is a Dubia based Nigerian and the CEO of Mompha Bureau De Change in Lagos Island.

Mark Zuckerberg Success Story.

Zuckerberg started writing his software in high school, his dad taught him Atari basic programming in the 90s, later his dad hired a soft ware developer to teach him how to program softwares.

Zuckerberg however learnt a graduate course at Mercy College while he was still in high school.

Zuckerberg first ever software called ZuckNet, the main purpose of the program was to allow computers in their home and office to interact with each other.

Later in 2004, February 4th, Zuckerberg launched Facebook from his dormitory room in Harvard University. He said his inspiration came from “ The photo address book” of his old school which was mainly used to keep records and information of students.

Mark Zuckerberg Helpful Rules To Become Successful.

1.) Spend your time doing what you love, because “ You get what you send your time doing”

2.) Always get more information on what your passionate about “ This will help you grow, Feedback from experienced people will help your improvements”

3.) Mistakes is a way of becoming better “ Life is full of ups and downs so there will always be mistakes. But do you learn from them? “ Mistakes help you to become more perfect”

4.) Get people to work for you, because in live you can’t do all the work yourself. Create an opportunity for other people who have the same zeal for success as yourself. “ Good energy attract good results”

5.) Create anything that can impact positivity in the world. No matter how small it is in the beginning. Keep your faith, and you be surprised on how your little idea grew into something that can change the world.

6.) Learn from the people and things around you. There’s always something to learn in every person that you meet. However you have to differentiate the positive things from the negative.

7.) Team work is everything, try to collaborate with people who have the same passion for success in the same field as yourself. Different people have different way of thinking hence good ideas will be inevitable.

8.) In everything that you do, “let it be your very best and you will succeed greatly”


 "You know, someone needs to build a service like the world." That person could be you so never stop dreaming big, and make sure to archive all your goals. Because I mean we humans at the rate that we want to.

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