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Here's What Surprisingly Happens To Your Files When You Delete Them.

l'm Really Sure,that I'm definitely sure that I'm not the only one that have ever though of it, like I'll just delete lots of my old pictures and then boom You've freed 200mb of memory, some times I just imagine that they shrink and just turn into dust,then when you tap the "Undo Delete" the file just suddenly appears meaning the dusts have having magically became the file like barbie 😏.

Enough of being Sarcastic,but what actually happens actually proofs technology major break through is really at its best.

The Concept

Just imagine you have a phone book Where you store all the numbers of people living in your area, then you had a fight with one of your neighbors Mr James,then out of anger you decide that when there is need to add another person's number, you'll just erase his number and add the new number.This is the same concept with your Phone.

To keep it simple,The files on your phone are made of index and bit meaning there are special codes and identity,so when you delete a file the file still remains on your phone meaning, but another file can take its place thats why you still have the ability to retrieve or undo the delete most times, people that uses apps like "google photos" knows that when they delete it moves to the trash.

The file remains on your phone, but it's only it's index that is left, that's why another app or file can simply just take its place but eventually the phone memory will simply just forget the index since there are other apps to carter for,.

The same process and explaination for your computer, but it's just kept in the "Recycling ♻ Bin".Thw concept is quite simple if you understand it

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