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Do You Use WhatsApp And Don't Know These? Big Problems Await You From Yahoo Boys

WhatsApp is not a safe place. And that's the simple truth

Yahoo boys, kidnappers, scammers, and other criminals make millions off innocent victims every year!

But why are they so many on the app?

As the second most used messenging app in the world, WhatsApp is home to more than 6 Billion Users! That's the population of Nigeria times 30!!!!!

I'm not a magician but I know that not all of the 6 billion people are "pastors and good citizens."

But we are not here for stories, we are here for solutions to scams,...right?

So let's begin...

A lot of people get scammed everyday on WhatsApp!

—Seriously, I'm not joking. At least 3 people get scammed every hour on WhatsApp.

The sad part is that 80% of these scams could have been avoided if the victim had known these tips below:

1| Never Open A File From A Stranger:

This is one way I have seen many fall victim to hackers.

If you receive an audio file, a video, picture or any file from a person not saved on your WhatsApp contacts, it could land you in big trouble.

"How?" You might ask.

Well the method is complicated but it's my job to simplify things for you. So pay attention.

Scammers make us of what's called "malware software."

This software secretly hides inside your device and shares all your information to the fraudster.

If this malware can get into your device, the Yahoo boys can have access to everything!!!

This includes your contacts, location, passwords, account balance, social media accounts, etc.

Anything you do on your phone, they will know it.

And the worst part is that you won't even suspect anything!! Your phone will continue functioning normal.

The only way to avoid this is not to open such files sent to you from unknown sources.

—I hope my explanation made it a little easier to understand?

2| Only Open "https" Links And Never "http" Links:

Never be in a hurry to open websites or links sent to you. Make sure you properly examine the website first.

The first thing you need to check is whether the link begins with "http" or "https."

The difference between the two is the letter "s" which stands for Secure.

This can be the big difference between falling for a scam or not.

Because the internet is so large and there are thousands of websites, government agencies have made a simple way for us to know which ones are safe and which ones are not. The s is a universal symbol for safety on the internet.

3| Know How To Differentiate Between Fake And Authentic News:

The most frustrating, popular and expensive mistake you can make is believing every story that comes into your inbox.

It doesn't matter whether there is a picture, video or audio clip to support it. Never fully trust news read on WhatsApp or any social media for that matter.

At first you might be thinking there's nothing wrong with it. But let me tell you now... There's a lot wrong with it!

Fake news —like the ones spreading about a cure for the Chinese disease— have claimed the lives of many people.

Because many are easily victims of this, I will be publishing an article on the subject later in the week. Be sure to follow me for an immediate notification when the article is out.

4| Do Not Download Any App Sent Across WhatsApp:

In late 2019,a new form of scam started.

People would receive a message telling them to download and recommend an application to their friends.

In appreciation, your bank account will be credited with money.

As usual, it was a scam...

But it did far worst than deceive people. The application they were asked to download, had the malware software that we spoke about earlier.

Millions of people information like their passwords, bank details, contacts were stolen on the spot.

Never download an application sent to you over WhatsApp, even if you know the application, it is better you go to your appstore and download it from there by yourself.

5| Only Save A Contact Number Once You Confirm The Identity:

Status watching...

That is the excuse many people gave for having so many contacts saved on their WhatsApp chat.

Now... There is nothing wrong with having a big number of friends but make sure you are sure that the number you saved actually belongs to your friend and not a complete stranger.

I myself, just like 90% of all WhatsApp users don't chat with every number saved on my phone but at least I'm sure that they are the people I expect them to be.

To find out, simply voice call the person if you recognize their number, or video chat them if it's their face you truly remember.

Others Include:

•Don't share your personal info with anyone.

•Limit the number of groups you join.

•Add a password to your WhatsApp app.

•Don't share your bank details with anyone.

•Be mindful of the status you post.

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Content created and supplied by: E.AOmolaju (via Opera News )

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