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End of Days: Humans will Live on Earth Forever.

The time of Metuselah has long gone, and humans of this age no longer live as long as they did. Nay! We can't even live as half as they did.

Fortunately for man, scientist have said that by 2045, we'll be able to live forever. Albeit, at a great price.

Take Ray Kurzweil: He claims that by 2045, an event known as "the singularity" will occur, and humans will become one with machines.

All the movies we watched while growing up will thus, happen to mankind. Movies like Terminator and Alita: Battle Angel.

Our flesh and blood aren't true materials for longevity. Our flesh will fail us, so we'll turn to materials that are a bit more durable.

Other futurists envision a world in which a computer serves as backup for our brain and other parts will take the place of our frail limbs.

Of course, you might want to doubt the possibility of this happening. But, ask your grandparents if they ever imagined being able to video call or chat on Facebook with others around the world, when they were little.

We shouldn't say it's impossible. As at now, there's a concept known as "the singularity".

 According to scientist, in order to live forever, we will have to completely abandon our human form, which opens up the philosophical question: what will life become?

Are we going to sacrifice our human form in a quest to achieve immortality? Are we trying to fight God's plan?

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