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Activities Of Cyber Criminals (Yahoo-Boys) In Nigeria.

"Yahooboyism", a term which emerged in Nigeria in the early 2000s, is locally used to describe a criminal subculture of youths involved in cyber fraud perpetration.

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The notoriety of Nigerian cyber fraudsters popularly known as the Yahoo-boys has consistently positioned Nigeria among the major cybercrime hubs in the world.

Indeed, different international organizations and law enforcement agencies such as the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Nigerian Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) amongst others have over time attested to the criminal ingenuity and the devastating transnational socio-economic impacts of Nigerian cyber fraudsters.

The major cyber-attack techniques and tools of cyber criminals in Nigeria includes botnet (use for spreading malware automatically), fast flux (use for transferring information to computers sending malware so as to make it hard to track the originating source), zombie computer (this is a computer system already hacked into that is being used to distribute malicious malware), denial of service attack (this involves overfilling a computer network or server with lots of data or messages so as to hinder legitimate users from using it), skimmers (this technique involves using a smart computer device to steal personal credit card information from unsuspecting owners), and social engineering (this is a manipulative way of playing tricks on the minds of potential targets in order to make them give out sensitive and personal information).

Most times they are caught, and information was sought from the Yahoo-boys on the reasons underlying their involvement in cyber fraud as a way of understanding the push and pull factors that attracted them to the crime. All of them attributed their involvement in cyber fraud to a similar reason.

They would often remark that there is no job in the country, and they need to help fend for their families and younger ones. Others would obviously confess that they were lured into cyber crime by peer influence.

The online criminal activities of Yahoo-boys are not only negatively impacting Nigeria in multiples ways, they also constitute serious socio-economic threats to other Internet users worldwide. For this reason, it is expedient to suggest some useful strategies that can be adopted to combat their illegal acts.

At the national level, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), the National Orientation Agency of Nigeria, the government agency charged with the promotion of values, morals and patriotism among Nigerians, to champion the cause for values reorientation among Nigerians by consistently launching massive public campaigns against youth involvement in cyber fraud perpetration while simultaneously promoting the value of hard work.

According to, apprehended cyber fraudsters should be promptly prosecuted by law enforcement agents, and the punishments meted out to them in the court of law should be giving as much publicity as possible so as to discourage other youths from engaging in cyber fraud perpetration.

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