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See the reasons why your CV couldn't get you on the interview seat.

Your CV or resume Is a piece of document that advertises your skills and uncover your educational or professional working achievements to the hiring managers. Therefore, you must be extra careful when writing your details and structuring your resume. It is a professional document and you must treat it like one, you cannot afford to make costly mistakes on it or treat it just like another document because you will be doing yourself a great disservice.

These are little and unsuspected mistakes many people do when writing CV. I called it unsuspected mistakes because many people probably do not know they are mistakes that can snatch their desired jobs away from them.

1. Unprofessional email address.

Nothing is as bad as writing an unprofessional email address on your CV because you will be creating a negative impression on the hiring manager. Emails like [email protected] or [email protected] do not portray you to be a serious minded person to any hiring manager. Professional email should contain your first and second name, eg

2. Spelling errors.

It is highly expected of all job applicants to always review their CVs before submitting them. Furthermore, you can give another person to help you check if there are no spelling or grammatical errors because the CV Is a professional document and you are not expected to fall a victim of spelling errors, that is why it is always good to double check.

3. Bizarre fonts.

Some people are fond of writing their CVs in hard- to -read fonts and this always irritate the hiring managers that have hundreds of CVs to go through. Some will even write theirs in multiple fonts to make it look beautiful and presentable. Using of multiple or strange fonts should be avoided, the font I always like to stick to is times new Romans.

4. Pictures and logos

You do not need to attach your picture or any logo to your CV since your picture won't convey any important information about you to the company. The space occupied by the picture can be judiciously used to elaborate more about your skills and what you can offer the company.

5. Avoid too much details in your older roles.

Like I said before, hiring managers are very busy people so you must keep your CV or resume short and concise. You do not need to write much details about the job you did ten years ago because it is believed that your Level of knowledge and skills must have increased with years. Therefore, let the description of your roles in the older job be very short but your recent job must contain  the detail description of your roles and achievements.

6. Stock your CV with proper and accurate information.

The hiring managers are not just looking for anybody, they are looking out for people with the right set of skills and knowledge. Therefore, if you are applying for any job. make sure you do some research on the website of the company to see what they are looking for in any potential applicant so as not to be screened out.

7. Dramatic color combination

The type of color combinations you use in writing your CV matters a lot. I have seen so many people using green color background with purple wordings, remember you are not designing flyer for a movie show. Your choice of color must be highly professional, keep it simple. Any other color can fail, but black and white cannot.

8. Inability to clearly partition every section of your CV. 

One of the things that will make your CV get the attention of the hiring manager at first glance is the way you partition every section. Since you are not writing an article or story, your CV should clearly be separated into sections. The headings of every section should be in bold form with bigger fonts and noticeable spaces should be added at the end of each section to make your CV well presentable

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