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Habits to Avoid while Charging your Mobile Phones to Prevent it from Damaging

While the current generation of mobile devices are built to withstand heavy use over time, they’re not indestructible and need to be charged and treated well if you want them to last. Charging your mobile phone is an everyday activity, and it can be easy to slip into a few bad habits in the process. But some of these common habits can be detrimental to your phone’s battery and even lead to permanent damage. In this article, we’ll cover the top habits to avoid when charging your mobile phone to keep it in good condition. 

First off is overcharging. Charging your phone beyond 100% is not necessary and can be harmful to the battery over time. If left plugged in after the cell reaches a full charge, it will eventually enter a trickle charge state which can put strain on the battery and lead to overheating. To avoid overcharging your phone, unplug it as soon as it reaches 100%. 

Another habit to avoid is using low-quality charging components. Using generic adapter cables, wall sockets, or USB ports with lower amperage can lead to slow and inadequate charging, overcharging, and even injury if the components are faulty. To keep your phone safe, switch to high-quality charging accessories from a well-known brand. 

The third bad habit listed is leaving your phone in direct sunlight. Direct sunlight can cause your device to overheat as the warm temperatures can cause your battery to drain faster than normal. If your phone gets too hot, it could even malfunction or shut down. Secondly, the UV rays from the sun can damage its screen and internals over time. To protect your phone from the elements, keep it in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight whenever possible.

Fourth and equally important is using a tablet charger for your phone. Tablet chargers use a different Voltage than phone chargers, so using it on your phone can be dangerous. This Voltage is not suitable for your phone and could potentially cause permanent damage or overcharging, especially if it’s an old model. To be safe, only use the charger that came with your device or a charger specifically designed for your phone model.

The fifth and final habit to avoid is leaving your device plugged in for long periods. This habit could lead to overcharging, as mentioned before, but it can also cause your device to overheat and reduce its lifespan. To protect your phone from overheating, heat damage, and battery drainage, it’s best to limit charging your device to only when needed.

Overall, keeping your phone safe and in good condition requires more than just basics like getting a protective case or screen protector. To maintain its performance and battery life, it’s equally important to be conscious of your charging habits and avoid the few mentioned in this article.

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