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5 Reasons For Slow Internet Speed

1. Poor Cellular Network Strength In Your Location

The internet speed on your phone is majorly dependent on the strength of the network in your area. If you're always getting a low network bar, you may need to change your internet provider to one with a stronger connection in your area.

2. Too Many Apps Using Data

If you're downloading something, streaming music and browsing the internet at the same time, your internet is bound to lag. To prevent this, try to do one thing at a time.

3. Virtual Private Network (VPN)

A vpn is useful for bypassing restrictions and hiding your identity on the internet but it can slow down your internet.

4. Data Throttling

Your internet service provider is capable of slowing down your internet speed as you approach your data limit. If you subscribed to 1gb of data, as you approach 100mb, your internet speed will begin to slow down.

5. Network Congestion

Mostly during the day, network is usually congested and only gets freed up in the midnight when everyone is asleep.

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