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Latest Samsung vs iPhone competition for the best phone in the whole wide

Samsung vs iPhone which company would carry the trophy as the best phone in the whole wide world most people prefer iPhone because of it's fame but fame aside Samsung is more better than iPhone recently people have been comparing Samsung with iPhone and Samsung won not because of it's name but because of its capacity. Samsung companies created Samsung phone's in a unique way and these ways are:

1 Samsung phone's were made like systems e.g laptops, computers e.t.c.

2 Samsung has a unique internet speed and because of that it doesn't get internet trafficking.

3 Samsung inbuilt memory is almost unlimited.

4 Samsung phone's engine was made in a special way that it's engine can withstand freezing temperatures and can also withstand water and that's why Samsung is the best water resistant phone in the whole wide world.

5 Samsung phone's has long lasting battery life

6 Samsung is the best phone in the whole wide world

Content created and supplied by: Joelamaechi (via Opera News )

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