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How To Make Your Home Made Torch Light 🔦🔦

Here you will learn how to make your torch light at home with materials that are very easy to get.

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Step 1.

You will get the following materials. 1. Electrical Tape 2. Flexible wires 3. 9volt battery. 4. Resistor 270 ohms. 5. Small on/off switch. 6. LED. 7. Cardboard.

You will connect the wire to one end of the switch (any end) as it is done in the picture and the circuit diagram below.

NOTE: This connection is a series connection, any alteration/wrong connection might cause a spark. Just follow the circuit diagram.

Step 2.

The LED has two terminals(the long leg and the short leg). Connect one terminal of the LED(the short leg) to the other end of the switch(use wire to connect the both)

Step 3.

Connect the resistor to the free end(long leg) of the LED. The reason for the resistor is to reduce the current and divide the voltage coming from the battery.

Step 4.

Now connect the wire connected to the other end of the switch (see picture of Step1) to the negative terminal of the battery.

Step 5.

Now connect the free end of the resistor to the positive terminal of the battery.

Step 6.

Make sure you tape all the exposing wires with the electrical tape so as to avoid partial contact.

After you must have covered the exposing wires, you can then on the switch to put the light ON.

Step 7.

Wrap your cardboard round the battery and let the LED be outside. Check the picture below.

And that is all about Home Made Torch Light. Don't forget to like, follow, and comment.

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