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Full Meaning Of “BAE”, “KISS”, “SARS” “IMO” And 42 other acronyms.

What is an acronym ? An acronym is an abbreviation formed out from the initial letters of other words and pronounced it as a word, most people use or hear about the acronym but don't know the full meaning of those words.

I have able to gather 42 acronym words with their full meaning, if you have Notepad app on your phone you can simply copy it and paste it there in case you needed to revise on it.

1. WHO – World Health Organization

2 IP address – Internet protocol address.

3 WWE – World Wrestling Entertainment.

4 TLDs – Top level domain names.

5 URL – uniform Resource locator.

6. GTR – Getting Ready.

7. AIDS – Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.

8. CV – curriculum vitae

9. ASAP– As soon as possible.

10. GSM – Global system for mobile communication.

11. ASL: Age/Sex/Location.

12. LOL– Laugh out loud

13. LWKMD – Laugh wan kill me die.

14. MCM – Men crush on Monday.

15. WCW – Women crush on Wednesday.

16. TGIF– ThankGod is Friday.

17. GLO – Global Communications Limited.

18. FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation

19. TWIMC – To whom in may Concern.

20. TIL: Today I Learned.

21 BBW – Big Beautiful Women

22. YSK: You Should Know.

23. PUK – personal unlock key.

24. SIM card – subscriber identity module.

25. AWA – As Well As

26. DM - Direct Message

27. GTG - Got to go.

28. ASFAC – As far As am concern.

29. SWAT – Special Weapons And Tactics.

30. BAE – Before Anyone Else.

31. ROM – Random Only Memory.

32. IDC - I don't care.

33. GIF – Graphics Interchange Format.

34. KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid.

35. IDK - I don't know.

36. BMW – Bavarian Motor work.

37. DM - Direct Message.

38. BTW - By the way.

39. AFAIK - As far as I know.

40. FBF - Flash Back Friday.

41. IMO or IMHO -In My (Humble) Opinion.

42. SARS - Special Anti-Robbery Squad.

I hope you learnt something new, if you feel there is something that should be added to the list you are free to add yours. if you do not agree with some acronyms full meaning made above, you're free to share your opinion in comments Boxes.

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