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Technology is Really Upgrading with an Unpredictable Speed, as the 'Pocket Laptop' Becomes a Reality

One Netbook One Mix 2S Yoga Pocket Laptop

As times passes by we get to see new inventions and models of different kinds of technological developments.

After the invention of computer, technicians saw the need to invent something that can be carried anywhere and also be used as power goes off.

This lead to the invention of the laptop. But even the laptop was later seen as something too large and stressful to carry along as it needs something to be accommodated in.

One Netbook One Mix 3 Pro 360 Degree Yoga Pocket Laptop

This lead to the invention of the "Pocket Laptop." The Pocket Laptop comes in various colours and designs or model.

GPD Pocket 7" Mini Notebook Laptop

A particular pocket laptop known as the "Macbook Air Pocket Mirror" by Apple, seems very fascinating as it has a feature which makes it different from others.

The Macbook Air Pocket Mirror

The "Macbook Air Pocket Mirror" is an exact miniature replica of the "Macbook Air Laptop," but is uses a mirror as screen.

The importance of the Macbook Air Pocket Mirror over other pocket laptops is that you can use it to view your image while dressing up, especially the women as it can be used to view themselves during their makeup.

The general advantage of this pocket laptops is that they can be conveniently carried in our pockets to wherever we choose to go.

What do you think of this new inventions?

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