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How To Expand Your Memory Card To 128GB Using Your Android Phone And Es Explorer Application

Nowadays, most of the smartphones comes with a very large internal memory space, but as times goes on, the space gets filled up with big files, applications, movies and sometimes musics. And anytime we see our phone pops up the notification that our phone's memory is full, the only solution most of us who don't want to delete any of those files occupying the space do is to get a SD card.(Image Credit: Google)

After a while, we all realise that even the SD card that we inserted into to the phone also gets filled up because of its little space. However, in this article, I will be teaching you how to expand your SD card from 4gb, 8gb etc, into 128gb. The steps I'd be listing below is tested and trusted because that was what I also used to expand my SD card and ever since, I have been free from the issues of insufficient memory space. This method is not supposed to take you more than a minute if you follow the procedures very strictly.

So for you to be able to expand your SD card to 128gb, you have to follow all the steps below.


1) An android phone.

2) SD card of at least 4gb.

3) Es explorer.

After getting all the requirements, follow these steps.

1) Put your SD card into your android phone.

2) Launch Es explorer application on your phone and for those of you who don't have the application on your phone, you can easily download that before proceeding with the other steps.

3) After launching the application, click on internal storage and tap the folder whose name is "android". After opening the folder, click the "data" appearing on your screen. Now create a new file name it "det file" save it after naming. Check out the photos of the steps below:(Image Credit: Youtube)

4) Now open the "det file," and open it with note editor you will see it's blank inside.

5) finally write "make it large 131072MB" inside and tap save.(Image Credit: Youtube)

After following the five steps that I have listed above, you would be required to restart your phone for this changes to be effective. After restarting you phone, you will see that your earlier 4gb SD card has been expanded to 128gb. With this method you don't need to buy memory card again.

NOTE: Please make sure that you don't format your the memory card that you just expanded to 128gb because anytime you do that, it would go back to its earlier 4gb size.

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