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Using Your Android Phone To Know If You Have Been Given The Accurate Quantity/Kilogram Of Gas.

A lot of cooking gas users get really worried and disappointed when they fill their gas cylinders and it does not last the way it ought to.

Some of the end users even go ahead to draw conclusion saying, the gases refined by our refineries are low quality, while some say the pump attendants, known commonly as Fillers, fill air into their cylinders instead of gas.

Well, this is not a basis to why your gas does not last I must say. If you have ever experienced this, it simply implies that you were cheated upon by the gas filler.

So to avoid getting a lesser quantity/kilogram of gas, these two things are to be considered and taken very seriously.

The Initial and Final Weight of your cylinder.

When you go to fill your cylinder, be it in a gas shop or plant, the first thing to do is check the Initial Weight, that is the empty weight of your cylinder before the nozzle is fix and with your android phone, you take a picture of the weight shown on the scale (meter).

For example, if your initial cylinder weight without nozzle was 13.7kg and your purchasing 12.5kg quantity of gas, all you need to do is add the quantity purchased to the initial weight and what you are suppose to get as the final weight is 26.2kg.

If you get anything below 26.2kg, it means you've been cheated and with this, you can never have a lasting result in the usage.

Initial Weight Vs Final Weight

Note, this can be applied to any size of cylinder, also any android phone can be used too.

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