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The latest evolution in sim cards(Advantages and Disadvantages).

I knew the day will come when we will stop using sim cards when the last evolution (nano) was introduced. I didn't know it will come so soon. Apparently, technology is taken over the world. The evolution started from Mini to Micro, Nano and now eSIM.

Embedded Sim (eSIM) is the new evolution of Subsicriber Identity Module (sim cards). Unlike the physical sim, alot of advantages comes with the eSim. One of it is that you do not need to insert an e-SIM into your phone as it is already built into your smartphone. The eSim is designed to deliver unprecedented freedom and flexibility.

According to Yuval Mayron, General Manager IoT at Amdocs, eSIM is a global specification developed by telecoms trade body "GSMA" which involves a sim card being embedded into a device. The latest Apple iPhone launched thrusted the public into this awareness.

Advantages of eSIM

Freedom and Flexibility:

You no longer have to deal with issue of cutting sim cards or finding adapters.

Easiness in changing from one operator to another:

One can change from one network operators to the other without having to purchase or switch sim cards. It enable users to change operators remotely.

Unlimited Slots Space:

No specific slot is required unlike sim cards which range from one to four slots. This is a good news to space constrained devices.

Business will benefit:

Businesses with a large number of mobiles used by their employees will also benefit from the amenability that comes with the use of eSIM. eSIM can deliver an efficient user experience when it comes to adding new phones to a corporate mobile service, managing cellular connectivity and swapping devices between users as they leave a company.

It is of no gainsaying that every new technological advancement/innovation comes with its own challenges. The following are the proposed disadvantages of eSIM.


. Users with multiple phones and sim cards can no longer used it as it is easy for them with sim cards unlike eSIM card which is already embedded in the motherboard of the mobile phone.

. It is problematic for users who do not wish to be tracked when using eSIM unlike sim cards which can be remove hence, not possible to be tracked by network operators.

. It is possible for eSIM card data to be hacked from cloud hosting.

What I really love from the latest evolution is that I will no longer be frustrated with the issue of cutting sim cards. I must confess I'm on this table (lol). What is your own view concerning the latest evolution? Drop your comments. Don't forget to like our page and hit the follow button.

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