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Hilarious pictures of What you want versus What you Get that would make you laugh.

Everyday we see people coming out to the internet to pour out how unhappy about the stuffs they purchased and what they get instead. It can be very frustrating because it's not nice after paying for something else, in return you get a different thing. On the other hand, it can be funny too. But this is a very serious issue.

Today, we'll be talking about the clothes and cakes version of what you see versus what you get.

See pictures below:

Picture credit: Instagram

Picture credit:

If you're a vendor of any sort and you're unable to deliver what you promised in its way it was promised, it's best you speak up.

Most factors are responsible for these but I'll point out few:

1) Copy and paste fake pictures from the internet: maybe you sell towels, then you just go to internet to type towels on the search engine and anything that comes out, you take the picture and pose as your goods whereas it's different what you have in the real sense. This is very bad.

2) over edited pictures: too much of editing and lightening makes whatever product it's more pleasant to the eye than the original nature.

3) fake advertising: most people advertise products that don't belong to them.or they do not have, hence delivering what they don't have. This is very bad.

We really hope that people that being truthful about things like this because anybody can be a victim of such.

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