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Warning: Do Not Use Your Phone's Torchlight Beside Any Of These Flammable Items [Practical]

Many life have been lost to this simple mistake many of us don't understand. If you use your phone's torchlight beside house hood items like generator, cooking gas etc. It is as if you are playing with a bomb. If you heard that a cooking gas explode while a phone rings, it does not necessarily mean that the phone's radiation cause the accident, it may be because of the torchlight that turns on when phone rings. 

(Picture of phone's torchlight)

Anytime I remember the story of a Nigerian pregnant woman who also have two children, her named is Evelyn Chinwendu Ejike, she was murdered by a cooking gas explosion in her home in abuja, I always feel bad for her and family, just imagine the casualties they went through. Though her death wasn't linked to the use of phone while using cooking gas but I never wish anyone to suffer that fate, that is why I will explain to you the danger of those two things. 

(Picture of a victims of cooking gas explosion)

The worst disadvantage of using cooking gas is that it can easily leak without giving any sign. You may not even hear it leaking but there is a big problem if you use you phone beside it. 

In this article, you will see detailed reasons why using android phone torchlight while your generator tank, Petrol keg and cooking gas is open. Also, we will carry out a simple instructional practical to backup our claims.

What is Android phone

Android phone is a device created mainly for the purpose of call making and internet surfing. As times goes, android phones where empowered to contain some beneficial features which are also very high in risk. Except for calling and browsing the internet most android phones has very bright torchlight, bright camera for taking photos, video, android phones can contain music and users can play game on it too. 

With all the added advantages, many people have died and properties worth millions of naira have been burned to ashes for mistake I termed an abuse of the device or taking ni precaution while handling it. If you are wondering why we choose generator and cooking gas as our focus on this article then you need to keep reading. 

Why generator tank, cooking gas and petrol keg

(Picture of properties destroyed by cooling gas explosion)

(Phone torchlight is on beside a generator)

(Picture of a burning gas cylinder)

The fact that many people are used to the consumption of generator, cooking gas and petrol keg makes it more important to be used as an example in this article. It is good to understand that more people buy petroleum inside keg than inside car. 

What is gas explosion

(Picture of gas cylinder broken into pieces after explosion)

Has explosion occurs in a situation where gas leaks from an unusual part of the cylinder and it meet with naked fire or any hot substance eg, your android phone's torchlight.

Common cause of gas explosion

Many things can cause explosion of gas but some seems to be very common. See them below :

1. Improper handling of gas cylinder (eg, shaking of cylinder while it is on fire)

2. Use of old or worn out gas cylinder

(Picture of a worn out gas cylinder)

3. Gas leakage

Instructional Practical 

I know it sound wierd that android phone's torchlight can become so disastrous when use alongside cooking gas. Well, it's okay to disbelieve, I wouldn't believe either if I were you but we will practicalise it now to prove to you that your good looking and very expensive android phone is as dangerous as a bomb. Before we go into the practical, it is advisable for you to step away from your car's fuel tank or cooking gas or any flammable materials. 

The practical

Instruction number 1: turn on your android phone's torchlight while you are faraway from gas and petrol keg. 

Instruction number 2: place the surface of the torchlight on any part of your body for atleast 30 seconds ( the person in the below picture was placing his phone's torchlight on my hand). 

Supposed result

The first 10 seconds of placing it on your body you will feel a kind of hot but bearable sensation. From 20 to 30 seconds the hotness will increase beyond bearable and you will be forced to takeaway your phone because of the pressure. 

If you successfully take part in the practical, it is good to note that torchlight of small none android phones like Nokia 3310 or small tecno phones are not hot when placed on body, and may not cause any harm when used around flammable materials but the radiation from call signal is dangerous too. The small phone torchlight are not hot because they are not bright. (Some android phone's torchlight are not hot too).

Best protective measure

Since we cannot stop the use of our android phones for the fear of explosion it is best for us to totally avoid the use of android phone near the stated gadgets. If you want to check the level of fuel in your generator, kindly use normal rechargeable or battery powered torchlight not your phone's torchlight. In fact, do not take you android phone to the kitchen because you never know when call may enter, rechargeable or battery powered torchlight is also the best option. Remember, precaution is better than cure. 

In a situation where you do not have your rechargeable or battery powered torchlight around you and you need to refill your generator, it is in no way advicable to for you to use the brightness of your phones screen as light because your phone screen can also generate heat which can still cause explosion. 

I hope this article has opened your eyes to the danger of things you buy with your money.

If you partake in the practical kindly pass your experience or questions across to me through the comment section. 

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