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Latest Oppo Fast Charging Wireless That Powers a 4,000mah Battery in 20minutes.

We all know that wireless charger these days has an appolying remark of being slow in powering phones compared to wired chargers. However over the years with the wonderful work of Oppo, they have figured out series of improvements which seems to be more like a solution to this wireless charging .

Oppo has lately disclosed a newly produced wireless charging in the form of 65W AirVOOC. It is an upgraded form of the Oppo's 40W AirVOOC but this is included with Reno Ace 2. Oppo also has assured us that it charges rapidly and with the resources it has, it can power a 4,000mAh battery in less than 30minutes .

To give you some context, the 40W AirVOOC that came with the Oppo Reno Ace 2 takes a little under an hour, so this nearly shaves the charging time by half. According to Oppo, this was made possible with the use of a parallel dual-coil design that outputs 20V/2A and 20V/1.25A respectively.

There is a semiconductor cooling system built under the coils that leverages the Peltier effect, making it more effective compared to fan cooling (although there are still built-in fans to help dissipate the heat), this helps prevent this charger from heating .

Oppo is a company does not tell or inform people on their next product or what it will be like but we are hoping on them for more like this .

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