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Nigeria Network Providers Should Reduce Brand Ambassador and Focus on Improving Network [Opinion]

This is surely something that needs to be addressed in this country as soon as possible. Most network service provider in Nigeria are well known across the country, but instead of putting more efforts in making sure that their customers have a very good and reliable network service, they invest more on getting top celebrities as their brand ambassador.

The rate of data consumption is so high that when you subscribe for a month it hardly last for three weeks before everything is exhausted. This are things that should be addressed, most people are always busy with their phone because of this pandemic, which means that the rate of data usage will be high. So network provider should either reduce the rate for subscription or increase the Gigabyte (GB) of data given to users.

Students are told to study online but we don't have a very good network and the rate is high, it means that will be very difficult to achieve this.

Many network users will love to have a stable network that can be used in any part of the country, but it seems even the best network in this country can only reach limited places. There are some place you go to that u will hardly have network to make call or browse,Which is so devastating.

So what network providers in Nigeria should do is to concentrate more on getting the best network coverage in every part of the country. So that when users travel they will be able to reach their loved ones any time.

Although having a brand ambassador is not a bad thing for an organization, but the first thing that should be the priority of any organization is to satisfy the needs of the consumers.

I hope this will be addressed soon, so we will all enjoy standard network in every part of the country at affordable prices.

Although this is my opinion but if you think otherwise, you can like or drop your comment and share with friends. It might go a long way in making things right.

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Focus on Improving Network Nigeria


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