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Major Facebook hack trick

There are areas on the Dark Web where people pay for unique usernames. someone will hack your account, lock you out, and take it over, and sell it to someone else, Mainly for fraudulent activities. It could be someone you know, playing a practical joke. Or one of your exes out for revenge. It could even be a case or relationship sabotage, or corporate espionage. The most common cases of social media hacking aren’t personal.. Whatever the circumstances behind your Facebook account being hacked, it’s an immensely personal violation. It feels like a break in and can be every bit as distressing.

*Only log in on trusted computers. If you are using a computer that you don’t know or trust, avoid doing anything that requires you to enter your password. Hackers commonly use key loggers on computer systems that record everything you type, including passwords.

If it’s not possible for you to avoid typing a password into a computer you don’t trust, then

change your password as soon as you can once you’re back at your own computer.

*link. This is the most common format being used by hackers. They send you a random link and when you click on sure links, your facebook informations is sent to the hacker. Note sometimes the link comes from a friend whose facebook account has also been hacked, it goes on and on. ensure to confirm links sent to you from friends, family before you click on such links.

Stay safe

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