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See These Selfie Images Of People Taken From Dangerous Locations

Many people in the world nowadays have a smartphone that is equipped with camera unlike in the 2000s. Everybody now knows what a selfie is unless the person is living under a mud house. Almost everyone have taken out their smartphone to take photo of themselves these days. In fact, many people have taken selfie and posted in their social media page today. Not every smartphone can be used to take selfie unless it has camera at the front. Most android and apple phones can be used for taken selfie.

Selfie can be dangerous sometimes when taken in some places. In fact, it can lead to death of someone if care is not taken. Many deaths have been recorded since 2011 till date because of selfie. These dangerous selfies are mostly taken by travellers that wanted to explore the world. They are take on house roof, cliffs, bridges and running cars.

In the image above you can see the guy taken selfie while standing on a tall house. This looks very dangerous and and risky.

I think these two people in the image above is taken selfie. They are standing on a cliff with their selfie stick.

In this image above, you can see a lady sitting on the edge of the window. It looks like she is taken selfie.

You can see the man in the image trying to take selfie. I think he is standing on a narrow bridge.

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