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SUMMARY OF MTN DATA BUNDLE checkout new plans

Choosing a Mobile data plan has never been thi simple. Simply select from our rich bouquet of flexible and affordable data bundle plans below

Not sure of your data usage or the data to buy? Use our Data Calculator.

Or simply dial *131# to activate any of the data plans.

What happens if I exhaust my data bundle b the renewal date? As soon as you exhaust y data bundle before the expiry, your data acce will be suspended and you will not be able t browse again. To continue browsing, you will need to do one of the following:

Buy another data plan by dialing *131*1# *904#.

Borrow data by dialing *606#.

Opt-in for Pay-As-You-Go browsing by dial *131*200# to continue browsing with you at N3/MB.

Will I enjoy other data bonus offers when I activate a data bundle?Yes, you will be able enjoy 25% LTE bonus, 50% and 100% bonus on the main data when you activate a new d on the network.

Will I be able to rollover my unused main dat bundle?

Yes, you will be able to roll over any unused data bundle as long as you buy another bund before the current bundle expires or within th allowed grace period after the bundle expires you will NOT be able rollover any unused dat bonus.

I have 1GB remaining from my expired 6.5GB Monthly data bundle. Will I be able to rollover remaining 1GB when I buy a daily bundle? Ye you can rollover your unused 1GB bundle wh you activate any data bundle from daily, wee OR monthly plans. However, the validity of th new data bundle activated will be applied to unused bundle.

Example: If you have an unused 250MB upo expiration of 1.5GB Monthly plan, and you no activated 75MB daily bundle, the 250MB will rolled over to the daily bundle and all the bu (250MB+75MB) will be valid for 1day.

What will happen if I do not renew my expire bundle or purchase another bundle of the sa category after the rollover period? If you fail t renew your expired bundle or purchase anoth bundle of the same category after the rollove period, all your unused bundle will be cleare

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