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How to create your own Animation Characters for free

Animation is a form of representing real life phenomenon into 3D forms. There are varieties of Animation. You can use animated videos to create comedy skit, advertisement, etc. All the cartoons we watch e.g Tom and Jerry are animated, there is no tangible Tom and Jerry in real life for you to hold. They are characters created and projected on TV For this type of Animation am going to teach on this post, it works basically on your phone and system, but the system version has a little disadvantage...

Although there is another one I teach that can be used both on system and laptop, you can even create website from this second type, but for this post, we are going to be concentrating on the first one.

Before you execute anything, you need to download 3 apps..

1. Plotagon story:- This is the main Animation app.

2. Inshot app:- This is used for editing your video and removing watermarks.

3. Vidcompact:- This is used for compressing your video into a smaller size for easier downloading.

So how do I get plotagon app?

Simply go to Google play store, all the apps are there. Plotagon is about 200mb, your phone needs to have enough space in order to accommodate this app. Sometimes when you search for "plotagon" on Google play store, you may not find it or you may see, "this is not available in your country". So what do you do, when you get this kind of notification? Simply download "aptoid"  this app is like Google play store, search for plotagon there and you will see it.

So let me briefly explain the apps to you.

Plotagon:- it is where you create your major Animation videos, it is your work station. We will be using the plotagon app for the first type of animation. With Plotagon you can create any image you want to insert on your video, You can add the type of hair you want, eyebrow, lip colour, shoes and clothes are also available. Some customized image have been created already on the app for you to use, but you can also create yours.

How to use the Plotagon App?

 When you open the app, it loads till it gets to 100%. When plotagon app opens finally, you may be asked to register your email with the app. After a successful registration, proceed to creating a character. When you look at the image closely, beneath it, you will see three icons.

1. Video camera icon

2. Human head icon

3. Basket icon

The video camera icon is where you create your videos. It contains different effects in your video work station.

In the basket icon, there are some things that are restricted such as some type of clothes, environment, voices, shoes. You can use the basket icon to purchase those things, they are not expensive. One month sub is #1000+ but it is not compulsory.

The human head is where you create your image.

On your plotagon app click on the human head icon.

 1. Head icon

When you click on it different shapes of head will come out, bald head, fat face, different types. Just click on the type of face you want and it will automatically apply itself on the characters face. You can also change the complexion of your character by clicking on the face you want the complexion to be applied, you we see a circle with different complexions, as you click on it, the complexion of your character will change.

 2. Hair Icon

That's where you see different varieties of hair to choose from, you can also change the colour of the hair. Just click on the hair you want and it will apply itself on the image automatically.

 3. Beard icon

The beard icon is where you find different beards to apply to your male character. Adding a beard is optional, you can also change the beard colour to any colour of your choice.

 4. Eye icon

The eye icon contains a variety of things:

A. Eye colours

B. Eye brow

C. Lips shape and colour..

When you tap on any of these, it will automatically applies itself on the image

5. Eye glasses

There are varieties of glasses to choose from but for some you have to pay before using them.

 6. Shirt

The shirt icon is where you find different tops, choose the one you want.

NOTE: Any animation item that has basket attached to it means that you have to pay before using it.

 7. Trouser icon

You will find different varieties of trousers, skirts etc. Tap on your preferred choice and it will automatically apply itself on your image. When you click on "create new", you will be able to choose if your character should be male or female. Beneath the image you will see the hair icon, head, glasses etc. It is from there that you begin to choose what you want to add to your image

8. Shoe icon

Use it to select the type of shoe you want.

9. Voice icon

Currently only one voice type is available, the voice came with the app, but you can record your own voices when creating a video.

10. A

That's where the name of your image appears, the app automatically gives names to your image but you can edit the name and put your preferred name there.

When you look closely at the work studio at the top right corner of the image you will see three icons there.

1. The colour icon

It is used to change the background colour.

2. Camera icon

It is used for saving and sharing your image.

3. Light icon/ charging

It is used to give your character an action, this can also be done when making a video. You can give your image different instructions to carry out.

Below is a sample of an animation character created

Check on my next post to see how to create animated videos with the animated character created.

Content created and supplied by: EpicSpot (via Opera News )

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