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Stop Wasting Money To Buy Generators: See How To Get 100% Free Electricity with Magnet

My name is peter, today am going be sharing with you on how to use a magnet to create a mini generator for charging phone and touch.

Magnetic material is a material that has the ability to repel or attract each other.

Laws of magnet

. likes poles repel each other while unlike pole attract each other.

Materials required to create a mini generator

For this project to be successful you need to get: magnet ( 2 south poles), wood, wires, bulb.


Cut the wood to any desire shape, the wood serves as the base. Then glue the 2 south magnet to each end of the wood. The magnet should be 3m away from each other. Connect the wire to both ends of the magnet. Connect the wire to the charger head, attach a USB to the charger head , plug it to the device you want to charge.

What really generate the the current, is the magnet flux flowing around the magnetic pole.

The picture illustrate how a south pole magnet looks like.

The picture illustrate how a speakers magnet is use to power a bulb

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